Monday, October 6, 2014

Cast 12: Cathartis

I love supporting the local comics industry, so I buy whatever comic I chanced upon in National bookstore back then. That's where I found Cast.
Cast goodie bag.
Cast is a local comic series about a group of high school students from an all boys and all girls school collaborating together for the play "Camelot". One of the main characters is Will Flores who plays Lancelot who's in love with King Arthur's wife Guinevere, who is played by Ces Cheng, whom Will is in love with. But Ces is already dating Manny, the one who plays King Arthur in the play. But there is so much more to the story than that. You just have to read it yourselves to know~ (To thychronicles, I have an extra set of Cast comics I can lend to you!)

Anyway, I was in high school when I bought the Pre-production up to Volume 10 issues. The next issue was released when I was already in my first year of college. It got me excited for the next issue since its the final issue + because of volume 11's surprising ending and teaser. And after that, none, no more updates. Facebook was not popular back then, so I relied on their livejournal account for updates. 1 year later, I asked if there's any updates - none. 2 years later I asked again, still none. Then I got busy with school work, then graduated, got my first job, resigned from my first job, reviewed for the board exams, took the board exams and miraculously passed, got another work, and there's still no volume 12!

I discovered Cast again through Lorra of Stars for dreams blog, as she mentioned something about Cast 12. I stalked searched for the official Facebook page of Cast. That's where I finally waited for updates. And now we're here:

Me with creator Jaime Bautista.
A few months ago(sorry for the late post!), we attended the launch of Cast comic's Volume 12 at Fullybooked - Bonifacio High Street despite the rainy weather. Inggo - who was forced to attend the event with no knowledge whatsoever of the story, and me - as the avid fan who's been waiting for 7-8 years for the final volume of Cast. (Plus the fact that I've won one of their facebook contests and agreed to get the prize at the event - thus killing two birds with one stone).
I attempted to be an events blogger and horribly failed HAHAHA so sorry for the lack of photos :( . The event was hosted by Carlo Vergara, the creator of Zsa Zsa Zaturnah. There was an explanation of why it took so long to create volume 12, a Q&A from the creators and artists, and a Q&A contest in which I won another prize :D

They also announced that there will be 3 covers for volume 12 - one for the general book stores, one for comic stores, and finally, the rarest one can only be obtained in conventions. Also, they will continue Cast in web comics format! This will take place during the college days of the Cast crew with new characters.

And finally, here are the prizes that I've won during the event. (Introvert me only took photos of the prizes at home)
Autographed copies of Cast Pre-production up to Volume 12. (The 2 copies below are the 2 versions of Volume 12)
Cast bookmarks!

The sponsor of the event - Mallow puff.
Cast notebooks! (Left notebook is Cid, right is Ces)
Fullybooked GC cover.

The Fullbooked 300php GC card.
Oh right. They also announced that Volume 12 is not the final volume for this series. The final volume entitled Cast - finale will be released soon. Hopefully, there won't be another 7-8 year hiatus :P See you in the next Cast launch! ♥

Their facebook page

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