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About the blog:
Thychronicles is about a group of friends hoping to share their interests with everyone. We are all interior designers specializing in different fields and styles. Through this blog we hope to share our interests, inspirations, experiences, and anything that we fancy.

a.k.a "enividkokodongo" - a slender, sexy, glamorous girl who indulges in the serenity of life. In short, just kidding. Actually, she's the opposite - a noisy, child-like, petite girl who loves ♥ sweets, arts, console games and nature! Her specialty is to laugh out loud on the simplest and dumbest funny things. She may look plain and a happy-go-lucky girl but just like the weather - she's unpredictable.

a.k.a. "nanase" online. She describes herself as awesome yet perverted. (That's why she loves the color green so much). She loves drawing, looking at men (for "anatomy" references), drinking coffee & tea, and hanging out at coffee shops. She is the vice-president of the "Tambay with art materials association" together with Pau. They are currently the only members and are currently recruiting members! She dreams of being a manga artist some day.

Licensed interior designer currently working for a firm specializing in commercial interiors. She always get dragged by Hannah and Pau during their  "Tambay with art materials association" sessions. Always game for anything, whether it be hiking, trying out new food, and attending events.
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a.k.a. "Suffrie" online. Licensed interior designer currently specializing in office interiors. Studied at UST together with the rest of the team. A gamer at heart. The drink addict. Her favorite past time is drinking (coffee and/or tea) and drawing, usually at the same time. She is the president of the "Tambay with art materials association". She is always looking for adventure - checking out (art) events, traveling with her generous extended family around the Philippines, and exploring Metro Manila whenever she's in the mood for it. She aspires to be a restaurant designer & owner someday. For now she satisfies her dream by going out at restaurants with her friends and/or her Ram ♥.

A twenty-something petite girl who is an interior designer in the making. The Mother. She loves cheesecake, strawberries, and the tenth doctor. She believes that she will get taller someday.

a.k.a. bluephoenix. Licensed interior designer specializing in Japanese style interiors. The group librarian: she has a collection of almost a hundred books in varied genre. Hobbies include (but not limited to) reading novels, writing prose and poems, listening to oldie music and creating passable art pieces. A self-proclaim caffeine addict, especially coffee and tea. Also has slight interest in fashion and travel, as influenced by the team. Loves to hang out with friends and play Monopoly Deal. :)

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