Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cebu Misadventure: Sky Experience Adventure

Day 1: Dec. 11, 2015 (Friday)

As the sun set and people went home to rest, we were just starting with our extreme bucketlist. We went to Crown Regency Hotel to try Sky Experience Adventure, a thrilling amusement park at the top of the hotel.

There were various activities you can try for a few hundred pesos. There are also combo packages with hotel entrance included (take note: hotel entrance is at least Php200.00 per person). Each ride costs at least Php 500.00 separately.

We opted to have the 3 ride combo (Php 1000.00) to save money. We decided to skip the more strenuous activities as we must save energy for the next day’s water adventures.

1) Skywalk – we were harnessed (in matching orange jumpsuits) on a rail outside the hotel, 38 floors high. We walked the whole perimeter of the building on metal and glass platforms, with various stops for photo ops.

2) Edge Coaster – we rode a roller coaster-like seat for 2 persons. This one also goes around the building but with a twist: the seat can tilt until almost 90°. It automatically tilts on the first bend, but you can adjust the angle to a more relaxed and safer degree (just like Neil and Sel).

3) Zip Line (and Sky Lift) – this was the one I’ve been waiting for the whole day. We were harnessed on a line at least 40 floors high (again in matching orange jumpsuits). One by one, with lots of jokes and laughter, we went zooming from the hotel tower to an extension tower a few meters away. So far, it was the best 8 seconds of my life. To return, we transferred to a lower deck where there were swing-like chair lifts. We took turns going back to the main tower. I was the first to try the zip line, and I was the last to take the sky lift giving me chance to watch the fireworks from the other part of Cebu.

To those who want to try their own Sky Adventure, you can go to Tower 1, Crown Regency Hotel, take the elevator to 39th floor where the Sky Experience Adventure main reception is. Choose your adventure combo and have fun.

  1. Wear socks and shoes. If you don’t have one, you can buy socks at each activity counter. They also rent shoes for free.
  2. Don’t bring too much stuff. You can bring cameras, but they will require you to store all your stuff in a locker (with refundable deposit).
  3. Don’t worry about lost photo ops (since your cameras are in storage). There are photo ops for each activity which you can buy afterwards. You can buy a minimum of 7 pictures or you can hold on and finish all your activities and purchase the All-in combo for only Php1000.00. They will give you a USB with all the pictures from all your activities regardless the amount of photos.
  4. Kids are allowed, but certain activities have height and weight limit for safety reasons. There’s measuring tape and weighing scales available so you can check if you’re ok to go.
  5. Make friends (esp. on the Skywalk) and have fun!

Next stop: we've conquered the sky, we'll conquer the sea and its magnificent creatures. :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cebu Misadventure: City Tour

Hello! And I am back again with more of my adventures for the year 2015. For my last hurrah, my best friend (Sel), her boyfriend (Neil), and I went to Cebu City to have 3 days and 2 nights of exciting adventures.

Day 1: Dec. 11, 2015 (Friday)

So, we had to leave quite early as traffic in Manila is really harsh for commuters. This was Sel’s first plane ride, so we were all excited. Also, Neil just got his new SJ cam and we had so much fun documenting each step of the way. We left Manila at around 11:00am and arrived at Mactan International Airport at 12:00nn (via AirAsia). We had to wait for an hour for my sister (Jun) to fetch us at the airport.

NAIA Terminal 4 (departure gate)

Welcome to Mactan!
Finally, Ate arrived with a taxi and we all went to our accommodations, Robe’s Pension House. After checking-in and dropping off our bags, we decided to have lunch at Zubuchon to have the famous Cebu Lechon.

With our tummies full and energy back on 100%, we decided to walk around and visit famous landmarks. Good thing about the location of our hotel, everything worth seeing were just walking distance.

First stop is the Basilica del Santo Niño which was still under renovation. The bell tower was covered with scaffolding and the whole façade was being redone. Nevertheless, patrons still come and go to visit the church. They even held mass at the vast plaza mayor in front of the church.

Next stop is the Fort San Pedro, which Neil kept calling Fort Santiago (LOL). Most places are free to visit, but Fort San Pedro has Php 30.00 entrance fee for maintenance. Inside the famous walls were many exhibits displaying the history of Cebu starting from Magellan’s landing. There were also pictures, scale models and artifacts from different time periods.

Next, we walked back to buy some early souvenirs. We wanted to take pictures with Magellan’s cross; unfortunately, the monument was under construction and off limits to the public. We ended up walking back to Basilica del Santo Niño in search for another landmark to see.

Last stop before we head back to the hotel was the Metropolitan Cathedral Cebu. It was a Spanish Colonial church, but it has Chinese-style guard dogs on the steps. Don’t ask me why. Inside was a beautiful altar illuminated by soft golden lights. There was an on-going mass service, so we didn’t stay too long.

We head back to our hotel to rest and freshen up before the next part: Sky Experience Adventure.