Monday, October 13, 2014

Boracay part 1: The patterns of Shangri-La.

Hello. Life got in the way of blogging, but thanks to Ruth for posting in September! Good luck with the board exams ~ the whole team is cheering on you! Anyway...

I went to Boracay with my family a few weeks ago. It was actually my first time on this world famous island - due to my irrational reason of exploring the other 7016 islands of the Philippines before I go here HAHAHA. But my Aunt persuaded me on going by saying that we're going to stay in a particular resort : Shangri-la Boracay. I checked the resort online for the interiors and WOW - I'm sold!

In my first attempt as a travel "pau-tographer", here are the photos I took of the different patterns I saw in Shangri-la Boracay:
I took most of the photos around the reception area. There were a lot of Philippine crafts with patterns there which made the trigger-happy me very happy hahaha.

Fancy tea.

Wood carving inside the lift.

A pretty column I found near the lift.

Wall pattern.
One of the highlights are the vases in the reception. This is the focal point of the entrance. I love the use of capiz to form patterns:

Vase #1.
Pin wheel!

Another one is a chest inlaid with capiz to form this intricate pattern:

Top view.

Front view.

Aside from wood carvings and capiz inlays. I found patterns on fabrics as well:

This detailed weave in our room.

Another weave. I think this is below the coffee table.
And that's it for part 1. ♥ I'm happy with how my photos turned out (with the help of my photoshop skillz HAHA)

Next post: The Interiors of Boracay.

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