Saturday, September 27, 2014

Relaxation Time at HCC Spa

Last weekend, my mother and I had a little mother-daughter bonding time. We went to a spa at West Ave., Quezon City called HCC Spa. It was a small space, just renting a unit in a building, but the interior is nice and the services are quite OK.

There were several packages available which includes massage, scrub, foot spa, facial and more. Mama and I opted to have a simple one-hour, full body massage for only Php 299. Since it was a Monday, they have fewer staff to accommodate the customers (they have more staff on weekends), so we had to wait an hour before we can be attended by a masseuse. The wait was not that boring. We had to shower (to remove dust from the travel) and we also had a few minutes in the steam room.

My mom inside the steam room (yeah, we like selfies.. :P)
After that, we stayed in their huge lounge area with the other waiting customers. It has a TV where we watched a movie to pass the time (I don't know if they had cable, 'coz we were watching Pinoy movie). And of course, our day will not be complete without coffee. :)

Mother dear while watching "Must Be Love"...

Free coffee from the lounge bar
The interior of the spa was like a traditional Filipino house with wooden floors, and caned furniture. Weirdly enough, they already have the Christmas decors (a true sign of the Filipino Christmas). Their restrooms, shower and steam room also had the traditional style with some Zen-ish touches.

Lounge seating for waiting and/or foot spa
One hour later (before we got to finish the film), we were informed that masseuses were available and we were led to the massage rooms. It was actually a big hall with individual cubicles for privacy. Each cubicle has a sliding door with imitation kapiz shell designs. It's small and cozy with that cute massage bed with a hole big enough for the face.

Waiting for the masseuse inside my cubicle
Mama and I had each one masseuse to attend us. It was weird, being partially naked in front of a stranger, but they were professional, so I guess that's OK. It was total relaxation, I almost fell asleep! I could actually feel the tension leaving my back and shoulders. Too bad I have scoliosis, so they cannot stretch my back so much. But everything else felt great and amazing.

So, that was my great weekend. We had a relaxing time and I got to see first hand what a spa looks like (it was my first time, btw). Maybe we'll do this every month. I wouldn't mind the little cost if it meant releasing my stress for a few hours. Maybe the whole gang could come with me and this could be our monthly hang out. What do you think? :)

Visit the HCC Spa Facebook Page for more info about their services.


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