Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boracay part 2: The interiors of Boracay

Hi! So here's part 2 of 3 about my recent trip: The interiors (and architecture) of Boracay! This took a while because I had to sort through (and edit) hundreds of photos! Image heavy post ahead ~

From Caticlan airport, we were fetched by Shangri-La's van and were escorted to their Mabuhay lounge at the Caticlan jetty port:

Waiting for the speed boat.

Note to self: check the sign first before going inside the toilet !

A few minutes later, we were escorted to the speed boat which will take us straight to Shangri-La Boracay. I saw some interesting architecture on way:

Arrival at Shangri-La Boracay. First impression? No regrets!

Welcome to Shangri-La Boracay.
The villas. The beach. So pretty!

We then rode a buggy which brought us to the main reception area. This is the area where I took a lot of photos from the previous post :P

Lounge area.
The capiz vases.

What it looks like at night. So pretty!

I love that there are a lot of water features in the reception area.

Fish sculptures.
Close up.

This is the view of the waiting area for the van going to D'Mall:

Another view of the fish sculptures.

Since we arrived before our check-in time, we went for a swim first and left our stuff at the health spa:

Jacuzzi + Sauna rooms.

Finally, our room for 4 days: the Premier family Sea View room located at Timog villa!

Blurred their faces for privacy :)
We watched a LOT of American Ninja Warrior episodes here.
Shoes not included in room package.
Daybeds at the terrace.
I don't mind waking up to this view everyday ~.
Beautiful sunset!

2nd day's activities: eat at Vintana's breakfast buffet + swim until mabawi yung kinain HAHAHA. ♥

Vintana. Yummy food!
The Timog Villas ♥.
The harbor.
Treetop villas + Timog villas.
Harbor during sunset.
I love this shot so much that I posted it on my deviantart ♥.

We also went to various resorts on our second day, as my aunt only reserved for 3d/2n for Shangri-La and was looking for an alternative resort for our third night/last day stay in Boracay. But in the end, we just settled for an additional day in Shangri-La HAHA. Anyway, our first stop was at the other side of Boracay - Bulabog beach. This area is famous for the wind surfers, I think?

Unknown resort at Bulabog beach.
7 Stones.
7 Stones.

A newly built resort at Bulabog beach! Palassa resort ~

One of their rooms.
After checking out Bulabog beach. We went back to D'Mall for snacks. We also managed to take a tour at Tides:

Reception area.
"HEY this is Kenneth Cobonpue's Chiquita stool!!! He's a famous furniture designer from Cebu!!!" - Me raving about said stool to my cousin HAHAHA.
Motivational text @ stairs.

"Vanity is my favorite sin".
Sorry I didn't get to take a clear shot of Tides' interiors. Next post will be a compilation of random shots I took of Boracay a.k.a. "The trigger happiness of Pau" ♥

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