Tuesday, September 9, 2014


EA recently released a new version of the popular game, The Sims 4. I've been following a Sims game fan named Curtis Paradis, at his Youtube channel "TheCurtisParadisShow" and he, and a lot of others, seem excited about this new development.

Some trailers of the game were released by the producers showing how the actual game play would be. One great development in the game is the Create-A-Sim. Now, we can have even more control in manipulating our character's designs. No more scroll bars! We just have to grab the part of the sim we want to modify (i.e. nose) and, just push and pull to the desired size and shape. And it's not just the physical aspect, we can also modify the personality, attitude and voice to create a truly unique individual.

As for the build/buy mode, I was a bit disappointed in the game play which I saw in Curtis' videos. They removed the Create A Style, but they did put catalogs and ready-to-use rooms. Some furniture are also available in different colors, so we still have choices in the design. As for the architectural aspect, there are now curved walls available. Yay! Also, we can change the height, not only of the walls, but also the foundation. This way, we can create more styles for our buildings, so I guess I would be satisfied with that. Hopefully, they'll add more options in the patches and expansion packs.

Anyway, I don't have the game yet. I don't even have a new computer yet. But I love watching the trailers and the game plays that other players posted online. Maybe, I will be one of them someday. For now, I am happy with my Sims3 game which distracts me from my stressful schedule. I have created a very complicated family, so that would keep me busy for a while.

For those who want to see The Sims 4 game play, here is the trailer from TheSims youtube channel.

To see Curtis Paradis build and play The Sims world, follow him at: TheCurtisParadisShow
He also creates houses in The Sims 3 and has multiple blogs about the world of Sims games.

Happy Simming!!

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