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What to do after 10A Alabama

So you've bought a lot of craft goodies at 10a Alabama fair and already made 3-5 rounds of the area but still feeling adventurous? What to do after 10a Alabama? Where can you make tambay and admire your recently bought goods? Let a QC girl guide you ~

1. Coffee shops / cafes

Craft Coffee Revolution @ Broadway street corner E. Rodriguez

This is not your usual "coffee". The people here know their coffee, as they are one of the first "third wave" coffee establishments in Manila. If you're having trouble deciding, better ask the baristas. They will explain in detail about their different kinds of coffee for you. Also, you don't need to put huge amounts of sugar for your coffee, its that good! It is walkable from 10a Alabama. Please note that they have limited seats, so be early!

Oh, and I miss their frozen brazo ~ *kindat kindat*
Afters @ Tomas Morato
Image from
Named for the things you do "after" dinner (desserts or have coffee). This place has a (somewhat) dark, yet cozy ambiance. Its in the same price range with the rest of the coffee shops/desserts place in Tomas Morato, so your wallet will be okay. The pros: the gelato, coffee, and the operating hours. Weekdays its 10am-2am and Friday-Sat its 10am-4am. The cons: I had a bad experience with the owner's mother bothering me to order additional orders. (Maybe I should write a coffee shop etiquette guide, hmm. Also, I'm icky with the their shop's temperature - sometimes its too cold to eat their yummy handmade gelato, sometimes its too hot to have their soothing coffee due to the numerous halogen lights).
My favorites: iced mocha, tiramisu gelato, and their affogatto.

Kozui @ Tomas Morato
Image from Ivy
If you're a green tea lover, go here, period. They have the following: green tea cake, green tea chocolate, green tea ice cream, green tea drinks, and green tea soba. Matcha is not the only green tea they have for their drinks, they also have genmaicha, sencha, and many more. Those are also sold in small tin cans if you want to brew them at home. If you're not a fan of green tea (why are you here in the first place!? lol j/k), they also have the usual Japanese food and healthy cafe food too. We've tried most of it already and as far as I can remember, everything tasted great! 
My favorites: matcha korichio, hiyashi ramen, their takoyaki (pictured below):

Image from Ivy.
Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee @ Tomas Morato

If you're not in the mood for green tea, head on over to Kozui's neighbor - Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee. They have a wide selection of tea, coffee, and cakes to chose from.I also heard that they serve the "alamid" coffee or civet coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world. But I haven't tried that yet. As for the cakes, it varies per day I think. Their cakes are not that expensive, they're less than 150php per slice. This branch also serves some real food if you're hungry.
My favorites: hot mocha, chocolate toffee torte cake:

My birthday cake 2 years ago.
Serenitea @ Scout Rallos corner Tomas Morato 

This one holds a special place in my heart. We always go here after 10A Alabama! Serenitea offers a wide variety of tea drinks: from milk tea, milktea with grass jelly, iced blended drinks, mixed with coffee, mixed with other syrups. You can also customize your drink by the level of sweetness and choice of "sinkers". (I don't add sinkers to my drinks as they get in the way of drinking :P ). The second floor has a seating capacity of around 18 pax (I've memorized the floor plan already for always hanging around here HAHA).
My favorites: Uji pyramid (iced blended matcha with vanilla ice cream - YUM!), chai milktea 100% no sinkers, chicken chops

2. Eat at Tomas Morato (along with the inner streets and Timog area)
Tomas Morato street is one of the foodie heavens of Quezon City. The usual coffee shop joints are also present here: Starbucks / Starbucks RESERVE, Seattle's Best Coffee, Coffee bean and tea leaf, and UCC. 
You can refer to this blog for restaurant reviews :P 

3. Sing your heart out at Timog area
Not in the mood for foodie adventures? There are a bunch of karaoke joints located in Timog area. You could either avail of the per hour/per person rates or the group rates (rates are consumable).
Here are the list of known karaoke joints and their respective sites:

Centerstage - Website |
Music 21 - Website |
Music Bank - FB info page
Karaoke Republic - Website | FB page

For any questions/comments don't hesitate to leave a comment! :D

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