Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 10A Alabama affair.

It all started back in 2012 when I attended art events in Cubao X. First was the May 2012 "Hello Sailor" exhibit at Heima featuring 2 of my favorite artists: Tokwa and Soleil Ignacio. Second was the "Bloom Arts Festival" during September 2012. Being the stalker fan that I am, I started following the facebook pages of these artists and organizers. That's where I saw the 10a Alabama arts fair event post. A few weeks later, the gang (except for Hannah and Roselle) went to our first 10a Alabama fair.

Welcome to 10a Alabama!
The first thing you will notice in 10A Alabama is their hand painted gate of a blue bird. The fair itself is located within a residential area, but its just a few meters away from E. Rodriguez. Inside the residential lot are rows of tables that the sellers can set up for their wares. Sometimes, the furniture they use to display their wares are also for sale by the Resurrection furniture. All of the furniture there are made from scrap or old materials. Do note that the artists themselves are selling their art - from crafts (which I'm HORRIBLE at), artworks, sculpture, and food! (All at reasonable prices too!) Everyone was friendly and really passionate about their crafts. Most sellers also have an interest about architecture, interior design, and classical art. (We fit right rin ! HAHA). I preferred the chill vibe here compared to Cubao X. I bought so many random stuff there (some of it were shipped to Roselle).

Macarons from Merry Macarons
One of the sellers. Photo by Divina.
Pretty plants! Photo by Divina.

Now here's the problem: we've attended a lot of their fairs already, but I don't have pictures of the place itself. Many thanks to Divina/Ruth/Ivy for the photos~. Here are the stuff that I bought from 10a Alabama through the years:

Papercut art by Gawa ni Femi / Artist's blog post

From upper left: colorful clothespins from Artefact, post card (sorry! I lost the calling card!), bracelet I got from Divina and Roselle, creepy-daw-pero-cute necklace from Thingamabobs, and sparkly magnets from Sitting Pretty crafts studio. I've bought other stuff as gifts, like stuff toys from Monsterella and Popjunklove, soaps from Lotus Bloom Soaps. The sellers vary per day, so its a good idea to check out the fair on both days. I've always wanted to buy a leather journal from Alunsina, but I'm filling my current journal first before I could splurge on this beauty:

Alunsina leather journal, made in the Philippines! (Grabbed the image from their Pinterest )
Last April 2014, we attended the latest 10a Alabama fair. We were finally complete after all these years! I only bought this framed paper cut art because I love the quote:

Sorry, I lost the calling card of this one too. :( Would appreciate it if you know the seller!

EDIT: The next 10a Alabama fair is on August 2-3!

Grabbed from their Facebook page
Directions: 1. From LRT2:
-Go down at Gilmore station. There's a tricycle terminal there. Tell them to go to Doña Hemady street corner E. Rodriguez. Landmark is Red ribbon. Then walk to 10a Alabama.

2. From E.rod/Tomas Morato:
-Ride a jeep to Quiapo (if you're coming from Kamuning/Cubao), go down when you see the Triplace building with Starbucks. Then walk to 10a Alabama

*Note: bring smaller bills ! 

You can check out their pages for more updates! ♥
Resurrection furniture FB page

Thanks to Divina, Ruth, and Ivy for the pictures! I keep on forgetting to take pics of the event itself.

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