Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recent fashion finds

Hi! Just wanted to announce that the 10a Alabama fair has been postponed until further notice due to the bad weather in Metro Manila moved to August 2-3! You could click here for updates :)

Anyway, I went to Fishermall today to buy some clothes. (I will not be posting said clothes here - they are just basic colored items that I need for work :p). What I will be posting are the 2 out of 4 designs of their canvass bags because of the pretty print. They reminded me so much of Cath Kidston prints ~.
Bag # 1 - taken inside my messy room HAHA.
This one has a snap button :)
Print details

Bag # 2, slightly bigger :) This one doesn't have a snap button though.
Print details.

There's also a black version of bag #1 and an Iris version of bag #2, I'm so tempted to buy them! Why? Because bag #1 is only 20php while bag #2 is 25php ! (Okay, maybe that's the normal price for reusable bags but still...)

You can buy them at Fisher Fashion store @ Fisher mall (Quezon Ave., corner Roosevelt Ave.)

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