Monday, June 8, 2015

A Magical Day (Part 3)

Picking up from where we left off , we had lunch at Louie's Pizzeria. In Universal Studios Singapore last 2012, we also ate in Louie's and had a HUGE slice of pizza. I was expecting the same here, but was a bit disappointed that they serve regular slice only. Oh well, at least it's a familiar food for me.

After lunch (around 3pm), we decided to ride Jaws. I've never seen the movie but I did like the ride. Unlike the other attractions in the park, this one is not a roller coaster. We rode in a boat and were like tourists in Amity Island. Sharks started attacking us and there were many effects (gunshots and fires). It was short, but sort of exciting.

Around 4pm, we have finished every ride in USJ (except Jurassic Park which was closed), so we decided to have one more round with Harry Potter. The lines were longer, but manageable. Afterwards, we saw a group of people sitting around a small stage near the castle. Rina-san asked the staff in-charged and she said that there was to be a show.

A little later, 5 people walked on stage wearing Hogwarts uniform. They were British (based on their accents) and they were representative of the Hogwarts choir - complete with the frog! They sang a capella songs and HP themes. Thank goodness they did it in English. I posted the videos in my Youtube channel if you want to check it out.

Finally, we decided to end our wonderful day and go back to reality. We went back to the hotel to get our stuff (we had more bags due to the souvenirs) and took the trains back to Tachikawa City, Tokyo. Rina-san even made me run to catch the shinkansen ride! It wasn't fun and I'm not doing it again. We took the same route back and got home before 11pm.

So, that's the end of my magical day as a sort of Hogwarts student. If you wish to go and experience it yourself, I'd advise that you fly directly to Osaka from wherever you came from. It'll be cheaper than riding the bullet train. Also, stay in the hotel inside Universal City, so you can get the early admission perks. 30 minutes makes a lot of difference, believe me. And lastly, have fun and enjoy! USJ is a lot smaller than Disneyland, so you can probably see and experience everything in one day. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Before I go, here are some more random pictures during the day. Enjoy! Talk to you soon! <3

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