Sunday, April 26, 2015

Getting Lost in Akihabara

Akihabara is known as the place-to-be for all modern tech and gadgets. A lot of people go here to buy cellphones, tablets, computers and other gadgets for very low prices. Also, if one wants to see cosplayers and other anime-related stuff, Akihabara is a paradise. 

Aside from the gadgets and cosplayers, Akihabara is also the home to a lot of maid cafes where, as the name implies, the servers are dressed as maids and call the customers as master or mistress. I've never been inside one, but I heard it's just like in the mangas and anime. :)

Akihabara Electric Town
Anyway, I went to Akihabara for the same reason as many foreigners do. But after two hours of walking around and going from one shop to the next, I got tired of seeing all these modern stuff and yearned for something a little simpler. So I started walking to the direction (don't worry, I had a map) which have less people, and I found this:

Kanda Myojin Shrine
This is the Kanda Myojin Shrine which, according to history, houses three major deities: DaikokutenEbisu, and Taira no Masakado. Many businessmen come to Kanda Shrine to pray for properity. What interests me most in this place are the ema or wooded plaques, where people write their prayers and hang them around sacred trees. 

Ema tablets with cool drawings.. :)
I also tried one of the Dancing Dragon fortune. :)

Dancing Dragon
my fortune.. <3
fortunes tied around a sacred tree
Afterwards, as I was looking around the temple, I saw some people gathering near the restaurant. There was a wedding parade! And I was lucky enough to see it. Three years ago, Divina and I also witnesses 2 weddings at Meiji Jingu Shrine. I really do like how they do their weddings, so traditional and solemn. The bride, groom and principal sponsor all wore traditional Japanese clothing, while the other guests were wearing cocktail dresses and black-tie.

attending strangers' wedding.. hehehe
Too bad it's not allowed to take photos inside the honden (main temple), but I did get some nice architectural photos of the temple and its details. 

It started raining again after a while, so I started my way back to the station. On the way, I saw a cafe that I think my friends will really like. XD

hehehe.. :)

So, that is how I spent my Sunday rest. If anyone wants to see the Kanda Myojin Shrine, it is located at 2-16-2, Soto-KandaChiyoda,Tokyo 101-0021, just 10 minutes walk from Akihabara Electric Town. You can get a map from the station, but the Kanda Shrine will be just a tiny dot in the map. Nevertheless, the tiny dot sure made my day and my walk so very worthwhile.

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