Thursday, March 12, 2015

Glam Interior

Inspired from Pauness' Restaurant Interiors, here is one restaurant I was quite awed by. We recently had a company dinner for our president who was visiting from Japan. We made a reservation at Buffet 101 and we were all amazed not only by their wide variety of food choices, but also of their glam atmosphere and very helpful staff.

Buffet 101 @ Glorietta

Reception Area
Place Setting
Ceiling design 1 (dessert buffet line)
Ceiling design 2 (chandeliers!!!)

Ceiling design 3 (dining area)

Buffet line
Side counters (with mirrors!)
So far, the experience has been very good. We enjoyed the international cuisines, and the unlimited drinks. We also had 2 birthday celebrants so we got to enjoy a small song and dance presentation from the staff. I would very much like to come back again; there are still so much to enjoy and experience.

Sorry for the low quality pics, I had to use my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy Duos). <3

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