Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Boracay part 3: The trigger happiness of Pau

First of all - SORRY for the very late post! And second- Happy New Year ♥ ! I hope that we could do more posts for this year. :)

In the final series of being a "pautographer" , here are the remaining shots of Boracay through the family's Nikon dslr and my Sony cybershot:

Fish be with yoo too!

The buggy waiting area @ Shangri-La resort
A wild amphibian appeared!
Bulabog beach. The water sports activity beach.
Sunset + boat silhouette.
The famous white beach.
"Powdery" white sand means powder white color and texture!
We ate here twice (lunch and dinner)
I love their decor!
We went back twice because of this: BULALO STEAK!
Breakfast at Shangri-La Day 2 round 1: Piece of bread, cheese stuffed tomato, salmon sashimi, and zaru soba.
Round 2: bread with blueberries, bread with poached egg, and asian noodles.
Breakfast Day 3: Zaru soba, salmon sashimi, cold meat, a piece of salmon sushi, and a croissant.
Day 4 : Sort of the same with 3, just added blue cheese HAHA.
Dessert after breakfast. ♥
Reminders for everyone @ Boracay.
Last shot before going home.


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